From luxury packaging to creative finishes and designs, Crown can help you create the perfect packaging for any brand. As one of the world’s leading packaging manufacturers, we make dreams a reality for some of the most recognized companies across the globe. Find package design inspiration for your products here.

Decoration Options

  • Available Finishes

    Creative colors and designs strengthen brand recognition, heightening consumers' aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment of creative packaging. You can also take advantage of unique decorative tactile finishes to make sure your packaging has just the right look and feel.

  • Optional Enhancements

    Our team of experts will help you ensure the final creative package echoes the essence of your brand and attracts consumers every time they interact with the product.

  • Printing Options

    Capturing the essence of a brand’s spirit and personality on metal packaging is the key to successfully engage with consumers. That is why we have continued to invest in the best and most advanced printing technologies – allowing freedom for greater creativity.

Inspiration Gallery